Research Programme of The Institute of Precedent, LLC for the year 2014

1. The completion of a web project covering the development of judicial law-making in Russia. Its principal parts shall be:


- summaries of current decisions of highest courts, which have precedential (i.e., binding) force, modelled upon the English-language digests of the decisions of the Supreme Commercial Court drawn up by Dr. Alexander Vereshchagin for the official web site of the Court;


- commentaries to the most notable court decisions from both scholarly and practical perspectives;


- interviews of judges related to the issue of judge-made law;


- collection of academic works (books and articles);


- complete collection of published dissenting opinions of judges in the Russian Federation.

2. Holding conferences and round tables devoted to the issues most topical for court system in Russia.

3. Preparation of a detailed programme describing necessary reforms and desirable steps towards a well-adjusted system of judge-made law in Russia.

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